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Teagasc Pig Research Facility Update - 5 June

05 June 2020
Type Media Article

Video in a series by the Teagasc Pig Development Department. Tomas Ryan farm manager in the Teagasc Pig Research Facility gives us an update on what's been happening in the unit.

Tomas Ryan, Manager of the Teagasc Pig Research Facility gives an update on how the facility has been going over the last three weeks.

Tomas explains that two weeks ago they had 31 sows in to farrow, where they had very good born alive rate of 15.5 across the 31 sows. Last week, the second week in the 3 week batch system, they weaned 27 sows out and they weaned out at around 13.5 pigs per sow. They also had serving this week, 33 in total.

The major challenges that the unit faced over the last while has been heat. High temperatures were experienced in finisher pig houses so fans and exhaust systems were working very hard to try and get the temperatures down. They also experienced a couple of power outages.

This week coming is the finishing of the two team rota system in the unit so they will revert back to one team from Monday onwards. Tomas also gives a short update on the ongoing research taking place in the unit.