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8th INFOGEST Webinar on Food Digestion

12 April 2021
Type Event Proceeding

The 8th INFOGEST webinar on food digestion took place on Wednesday, 7th April at 2PM. The theme of this webinar was “in vitro Digestion Models” from Working Group 1 of the INFOGEST network.

The webinar featured Prof Gail Bornhorst (University of California, Davis, USA): “Dynamic Digestion Models: Uses, Opportunities and Challenges” and Dr Anabel Mulet-Cabero (Quadram Institute, Norwich, UK): “Semi-dynamic Infogest Digestion Model”.

The webinar was moderated by Andre Brodkorb (Teagasc), Lotti Egger (Agroscope, Switzerland) and Isidra Recio (CIAL, Spain).

See running order below

  • 0:05​ Short Introduction by André Brodkorb
  • 2:30​ First speaker: Gail Bornhorst
  • 23:30​ Q & A
  • 32:33​ Second speaker: Anabel Mulet-Cabero
  • 50:58​ Q & A
  • 55:49​ Announcement of two ring-trials for (i) static in vitro digestion and (ii) semi-dynamic digestion
  • 59:51​ Information on the Infogest network, updates and upcoming virtual conference

Watch webinar recording below

These monthly webinars are hosted by Teagasc every first Wednesday at 2pm (Dublin) and focus on topics related to food digestion. Webinars will be held in the run-up to the next International Conference on Food Digestion taking place from 3-5 May 2022 in Cork, Ireland. 

More information and regular updates on webinars can be found on the LinkedIn Infogest page 

More information on the Infogest network can be found here