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Outlook 2022 - Economic Prospects for Agriculture

07 December 2021
Type Report

Contributors: Cathal Buckley, Emma Dillon, Trevor Donnellan, Kevin Hanrahan, Tom Houlihan, Anne Kinsella, John Lennon, Jason Loughrey, Michael McKeon, Brian Moran and Fiona Thorne, Teagasc.

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This Outlook report has been produced in Q4 of 2021 at a time when an unprecedented escalation in fertiliser prices has taken place. There is considerable uncertainty as to whether fertiliser prices will remain at elevated levels for the duration of the 2022 production season. The escalation in fertiliser prices makes it difficult to anticipate the level of fertiliser production. Furthermore, it raises questions about the level of fertiliser usage, fertiliser expenditure, farm output and farm profitability in 2022. Therefore, it is necessary to set out assumptions in relation to the fertiliser price and farmer response to these price changes for 2022.


Macroeconomic Outlook - Trevor Donnellan

Macroeconomic Outlook (PDF) 

Review and Outlook Inputs and Crops - Fiona Thorne

Review and Outlook Inputs and Crops (PDF)

Pig Sector Review and Outlook - Michael McKeon

Pig Sector Review & Outlook (PDF)

Forestry Review and Outlook - Tom Houlihan

Forestry Review & Outlook (PDF)

Outlook for Cattle - Jason Loughrey

Outlook for Cattle (PDF)

Outlook for Sheep - Anne Kinsella


Dairy Review and Outlook - Emma Dillon

Dairy Review and Outlook (PDF)

Environmental Sustainability - Cathal Buckley

Sustainability Outlook (PDF)

Income Outlook - Trevor Donnellan

Income Outlook (PDF)

Developments in Agri-food Trade - Kevin Hanrahan

Developments in Agri-food Trade (PDF)