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Signpost Series Webinar - Celebrating our biodiversity and motivating farmers to address the climate & biodiversity emergency

09 June 2021
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On this episode of The Signpost Series, which took place on Friday, 21st May, Mark Gibson, Teagasc ConnectEd is joined by Dr. Brendan Dunford, Manager of The Burren Programme to discuss celebrating our biodiversity and motivating farmers to address the climate and biodiversity emergency.

Brendan's presentation was followed by a questions and answers session, facilitated by Pat Murphy, Head of Teagasc Environment KT Programme.


When properly supported, our farmers can be the ‘first responders’ to our climate and biodiversity emergency. Let’s start by designing better, farmer friendly supports that are:

  • Local - design, management etc greater pride of place, ownership
  • Fair - money earned should reflect both effort and outcomes
  • Flexible - ensure freedom to farm, to innovate, to adapt (weather, disease..)
  • Simple - e.g single, integrated whole farm sustainability plan, minimise need for receipts, support to secure permissions, payments etc.
  • Long lasting - continuity of support, of payments etc builds trust
  • Engaging - Positive (language, incentives), inclusive, fun, celebratory.

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Listen to the webinar as a podcast below


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Watch webinar recording below

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