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Submit Your 2021 Basic Payment Application On-Time

16 April 2021
Type Media Article

Brian Hughes, Drystock Advisor, Teagasc Claremorris

The most important task for farmers in any year is to complete their Basic Payment application online.  Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that the 2021 Basic Payment application and all associated forms are done on time and with great care.  All Department related schemes such as GLAS, BDGP, TAMS, Sheep Welfare Scheme and Organic Farming Scheme depend on the Basic Payment form being submitted correctly by the deadline date.  The deadline for completion of the Basic Payment form is Monday 17th of May 2021.

Amendments to the BPS application form can be made before the 31st of May 2021 without incurring a penalty.  All Basic Payment applications and transfer of entitlements forms must be completed on-line.  You must be an active farmer when making a Basic Payment application.

Some key areas to be aware of when completing the 2021 application.

Changes to land parcels:

*Delete parcels from the application that are no longer farmed e.g. lost rented land.

*Add in additional parcels that are now farmed.

*Split land parcels as necessary.

*Make amendments to land parcels as necessary e.g. change in land parcel use.

*Does the parcel use match the parcel use on your GLAS plan?

It is important to note you need 1 hectare of Eligible land to utilise 1 basic payment entitlement.

Areas of Natural Constraints (ANC) Scheme:

*Ensure the ANC box is ticked on the front page of the 2021 BPS application form.

*There must be appropriate fencing for the farming enterprise.

*The land must be used and farmed by the applicant.

*A minimum stocking level of 0.15 livestock units per forage hectare for the entire area declared under the 2021 ANC Scheme.

*You must own, possess, hold and maintain for at least seven consecutive months of the year the livestock required to maintain the minimum stocking level of 0.15 livestock units per forage hectare.

*Note - only 50% of the stocking density requirement can be fulfilled using donkeys.  Applicants will be required to use other livestock to fulfil the other 50% requirement.  If in doubt seek clarity on stocking requirements for ANC payments.

National Reserve/Young Farmers Scheme:

*The National Reserve Scheme has two mandatory categories:

- Young farmers.

- New entrants.

*Successful applicants can expect to receive entitlements worth just over €183.  Applicants will also be paid Greening on top of this.

*Young Farmers Scheme applicants must be no more than 40 years of age at any time during the calendar year in which he/she first submits an application under the Basic Payment Scheme.

*Applicants must have completed a FETAC level 6 course in agriculture.

*Successful applicants under the Young Farmers Scheme will receive a top-up of approximately €68/ha.

Changing the name on a herd number:

Recent changes to the registration on a herd number will need to be dealt with very carefully.  Examples include forming a company, new farm partnerships, adding a name to the herd number (joint herd number) or farm succession cases.  In these circumstances, it is advisable to seek assistance from an agricultural agent, as there are implications in relation to transferring entitlements.

Finally, ensure you get your 2021 Basic Payment Application done well in advance of the 17th of May deadline to secure all your payments in 2021. This deadline will not be extended.  If you require assistance with your application contact your nearest Teagasc office for confidential advice and an appointment time.