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The Signpost Series Webinar - Ireland's Nitrates Review

03 September 2021
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On this episode of The Signpost Series, which took place on Friday, 3rd September, Pat Murphy Head of Environment Knowledge Transfer was joined by Jack Nolan, Senior Inspector, DAFM, to discuss Ireland's Draft Nitrate Action Programme and the 2nd stage consultation.

The main topics discussed include:

  • The history of the Nitrates Regulations
  • The significant pressures causing impacts on water quality
  • Regional Nitrogen and Phosphorus issues
  • Targeting Agricultural Nutrient measures
  • Proposed changes in slurry storage
  • Proposed changes in the soiled water requirements
  • Proposed reductions in chemical fertiliser and fertiliser register
  • Proposed changes for green cover and tillage lands

Jack’s presentation was followed by a questions and answers session, which was facilitated by Padraig Foley, Teagasc.

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Watch webinar recording below

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