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The Signpost Series Webinar - Water Quality: the challenge of understanding and valuing it

17 May 2021
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On this episode of The Signpost Series, which took place on Friday, 14th May, Mark Gibson, Teagasc ConnectEd is joined by Bernie O’Flaherty, Local Authority Waters Programme (LAWPRO) to discuss water quality: the challenge of understanding and valuing it.

Bernie's presentation was followed by a questions and answers session, facilitated by Pat Murphy, Head of Teagasc Environment KT Programme.

View presentation below

Concluding remarks

  • Working with communities is really rewarding
  • Water management is complex & needs varied engagement tools
  • Discussion groups, riverside workshops, projects, experiential learning
  • Strengthening environmental knowledge necessary for decision making
  • The decline in water quality needs to be addressed urgently
  • Need the right combination of regulation, advice, landuse measures, incentives and voluntary action
  • Building a better understanding of rivers & water quality is fundamental across society to bring about change

Listen to the webinar as a podcast below

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Watch webinar recording below

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