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TResearch Autumn/Winter 2021

29 November 2021
Type Magazine

The Autumn/Winter 2021 issue of TResearch magazine brings a new look. We’ve put the people who carry out our cutting-edge research front and centre.

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In this edition: 

International Year of Fruits and Vegetables

2021 is the International Year of Fruits and Vegetables read the series of connected articles

Team Spotlight

The clover effect - Find out the important role white clover plays in sustainable Irish pasture-based dairy and beef farms from Head of Grassland Research Michael O’Donovan and his team

External Insight

Less is more - Reducing fertiliser use - The United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has been helping Lebanese potato farmers decrease their use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides


Nothing but the best: How sexed semen is improving dairy farming - Reproductive Physiologist Stephen Butler is leading dairy cattle reproduction research at Teagasc to increase female calf births and improve the value and sustainability of dairy and beef farms.

Back in Time

Whatever the weather - The impact of changing weather patterns on water quality
Teagasc’s Agricultural Catchments Programme has investigated the impact of changing weather patterns on water quality in three river catchments over a 10-year period

Getting to know:

Michael GaffneyMichael works in Teagasc’s Horticultural Development Department in Dublin. Here, we find out more about Michael and his interests inside and outside of work.

Look ahead:

Alternatives to peat - “Peat-based growing media faces a tough future” 
Dermot Callaghan, Head of the Horticultural Development Department, explains why Teagasc is renewing research emphasis on finding alternatives to peat-based growing media in horticulture

Also in this edition

Wake up and smell the pandemicAround the world people with Covid-19 have been struggling with a change in sense of smell. Leading researchers at Teagasc and University College Dublin to investigate how these symptoms have been affecting people in Ireland

Discovering a new whey to reduce fat - Teagasc researchers have found a way to reduce weight gain from foods rich in fat, potentially minimising the harmful effects of dietary fat.

The big pension problem – for farmers in Ireland 
Researchers at Teagasc and Maynooth University have been investigating the effect proposed changes to the State pension system will have on farmers in Ireland.

Health and wellness on farms - Teagasc researchers have applied the Total Worker Health model to new research to support the health and wellbeing of farmers. By looking at how diet and exercise impact health and safety, they hope to alert farmers in Ireland to the health issues directly impacting them. 

Success in the Southwest – The Economics of farming  
The viability of farms in the Southwest region of Ireland is good when compared to other regions,  but volatility in farm income and operating surplus show there are still challenges to address.

SeaHealth - The benefits of seaweed for our gut 
Researchers are studying seaweed to find out if its unique properties are beneficial for gut and metabolic health.

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