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Weed control in container and field grown ornamental nursery stock - Webinar

19 April 2021
Type Event Proceeding

On a recent webinar which took place on Wednesday, 15th April 2021, Donall Flanagan and Andy Whelton, Teagasc Horticulture Development Department were joined by David Talbot, Senior Horticulture Consultant with ADAS to discuss weed control in nursery stock production.

David Talbot, Senior Horticulture Consultant with ADAS, discussed the latest results of recent weed control trials in the UK. ADAS has worked closely with AHDB and industry to identify the best use of the limited newly registered products. Mr Talbot also introduced results from other recent work e.g. on budded stocks, container weed control, or seed bed treatments.

View presentation below

Watch webinar recording below

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