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Beef Newsletter - August 2022

05 August 2022
Type Newsletter

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In this month's edition:

August is harvest month with a lot of machinery movement on farms and on public roads, including trailers, balers and silage gear. Machinery movement brings danger, particularly to bystanders including children and older farmers. A vehicle travelling at a walking speed of 5km/hour travels at 1.4 metres per second. Being struck by a machine causes bystander deaths and injuries due to the impact force.

In August also, a lot of use is made of powered machines, so make sure moving parts are guarded. This applies particularly to machines used in a stationary position, like augers and slurry tanker drive shafts. Entanglement in a machine moving part leads to horrific injuries. Children are ‘out and about’ in August enjoying the summer before the return to school, so continued farm safety measures are necessary.