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Beef Newsletter - January 2022

05 January 2022
Type Newsletter

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In this month's edition:

  • Commercial Beef Value
    The Irish Cattle Breeding Federation (ICBF) has announced a new Commercial Beef Value (CBV), which is described as a new selection tool for farmers with non-breeding herds. It will have particular relevance to those farmers that are purchasing calves, weanlings and stores and bringing them through to finish.
  • Planning this spring
    With increased input prices, it is vitally important that you take time to look at how these might impact your farm and how you could possibly mitigate against increased costs.
  • Research Update - Changing traits
    E.G. O’Riordan, P. Cormican, M. McGee and P. Crosson of AGRIP, Teagasc, Grange report on changes in steer and heifer slaughter age and carcass traits in the last decade. The national steer and heifer slaughter data from 2011 to 2020 was examined to assess changes in animal slaughter age, carcass weight, conformation and fat scores.
  • Climate Actions for January
    • Plan spring fertiliser applications for tillage crops
    • Get your slurry analysed for nutrient content
    • Create a slurry spreading plan with your advisor to get the most from it
    • Get your nutrient management plan completed. It will be particularly important in 2022
    • Continue to spread lime, where you can
    • Order your protect urea now 
  • Health & Safety - Prepare to cut risk
    Research by Teagasc indicates that rushing and tiredness are major causal factors of farm workplace injuries, so good preparation is essential to cut risks. The coming weeks provide an opportunity for farm maintenance and making health and safety improvements before the busy spring season.