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Environment Newsletter - December 2022

14 December 2022
Type Newsletter

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In this edition:

  • Important update on soil sampling and fertiliser usage
    If you fall into category A, B, C, D or E and do not meet your soil sampling requirements, you will be extremely limited in your ability to purchase fertiliser, and be subject to penalties if you exceed the chemical nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) fertiliser allowances. Taking soil samples and getting a fertiliser plan done based on these soil samples will give you the limits for chemical N and P allowed on your farm.
    • Category A – soil sampling for derogation
    • Category B – soil sampling requirements for grassland stocking rate (GSR) >170kg/ha (non-derogation farms)
    • Category C – GSR >130kg/ha and all tillage lands
    • Category D – you were in GLAS (but below 130kg/ha GSR and not tillage land)
    • Category E – ACRES applicant
  • Message from the Signpost Programme - Stop relying on chemical N
    The first step to reducing emissions on all farms is to reduce reliance on chemical N fertiliser.
  • Reducing fertiliser losses to improve water quality
    Improving nutrient use efficiencies is critical to help minimise impacts from diffuse N and P losses to water. Farmers should always use a nutrient management plan (NMP) to help them decide how best to use the nutrients available on the farm. Follow the four Rs: right time; right place; right rate; and, right product.