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Getting to grips with the Summer Wedge on PastureBase Ireland - Webinar

17 May 2022
Type Event Proceeding

On Thursday, 12 May, John Douglas & Joseph Dunphy from Teagasc Grass10 and Micheal O'Leary from PastureBase Ireland were joined by 2021 Young Grassland Farmer of the Year Philip Tyndall and 2021 Drystock Grassland Farmer of the Year Aidan Maguire to discuss getting to grips with the Summer Wedge on PastureBase.

As we enter into the summer months Irish farmers have huge scope to make more money from grazing management by feeding their livestock the best quality grass available. Data from PastureBase has highlighted that pre-grazing yields (the grass covers which animals graze) are too high (too stemmy) in 75% of cases. If this was corrected the financial benefit for farmers would be massive.

John Douglas & Joseph Dunphy from Teagasc Grass10 and Micheal O'Leary from PastureBase as gave advice on how to:

  1. Understand the grass wedge & PastureBase report
  2. Use the summer grazing targets
  3. Make better grazing decisions using the projected planner
  4. Develop a fertiliser strategy for your grass and grass-clover paddocks

Watch webinar recording below

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