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Ross & Amy Jackson - Organic Cereals and Sheep Farm Walk

11 May 2022
Type Event Proceeding

Event booklet from the Teagasc Organic Cereals and Sheep Farm Walk which took place on Wednesday, 20th April on the farm of Ross & Amy Jackson, Lacka, Carrig, Birr, Co. Tipperary.

Download Publication (PDF)

On Wednesday, 20th April Organic Cereals and Sheep Farmers Ross & Amy Jackson hosted a Teagasc Organic Farm Walk to which anyone with an interest in the organic sector was invited.  

Prior to the farm being converted to organic production this was a tillage farm with predominantly barley, wheat, oats, oilseed rape and fodder beet being grown.

Ross’s brother Alan converted his farm to an organic system, Ross and Amy seeing how the system worked became very interested in organic farming as an option for themselves, they both liked the idea of reducing the amount of chemicals being used on the farm and also the challenge of an organic farming system; they also believed there was potential to increase the financial performance of the farm.

The farm entered conversion in 2015 with full organic status for the land and produce being achieved in 2017. On the farm today is a cereal enterprise of malting barley and oats, and a sheep enterprise of approx. 145 breeding females.

Topics discussed at the farm walk included:

  • Organic Cereals
  • Soil Nutrients and Manure Management
  • Forage Crop for Winter Grazing
  • Sheep Enterprise
  • Lacka Organic Lamb

Find all the details in the booklet at the link above.