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Sheep Newsletter - August 2022

01 August 2022
Type Newsletter

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In this month's edition:

Prioritise the best grass available on the farm to lambs and thinner ewes where body condition score (BCS) needs to be improved before breeding. Once lambs have been weaned for a few weeks, it can be more practical to graze the group of thin ewes along with a lamb group that are not being fed concentrates, in order to reduce the number of grazing groups. It’s also important to focus on building grass reserves for the autumn/winter grazing period. The target is to have 20 grazing days ahead by the end of August. When conditions are suitable, take the opportunity to apply any remaining chemical fertiliser as per the farm nutrient management plan. Studies have shown a drop off in the response to applied fertiliser in late August/early September, so get it out early for best results.