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Tillage Newsletter - July 2022

07 July 2022
Type Newsletter

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In this month's edition:

  • Nitrate regulations – green cover on tillage ground
    The Government has recently published Ireland’s Fifth Nitrates Action Programme, which contains specific measures to protect water from nutrient losses arising from agricultural sources. One of the important changes concerning tillage farmers is the establishment of a green cover through natural regeneration techniques on tillage ground.
  • Straw Incorporation Measure (SIM)
    The SIM is a welcome measure to help improve soil quality by adding carbon, and will also deliver reductions in GHG emissions. For farmers who applied for the SIM, all eligible crops applied for must be harvested, the straw must be chopped, spread evenly, and incorporated into the soil as soon as possible after harvest.
  • Grass weeds
    Blackgrass is an increasing problem on tillage farms. The problem normally starts with a very small number of plants but multiplies very quickly. One blackgrass plant per square metre can return six million seeds per hectare so it is vital to walk crops prior to harvest.
  • Planning for Harvest 2023
    Cereal varieties
    July is a good month to view and compare varieties for next season. Variety selection is becoming increasing important as an IPM tool for tillage farmers as the challenge from diseases increases. For example, selecting a variety that is weak on yellow rust can add significant cost and risk for the farmer.
    Winter oilseed rape
    The area of winter oilseed rape is expected to increase this autumn, primarily due to the substantial increase in the price of oilseeds. Other attractions to winter oilseed rape for tillage farmers are the potential nitrogen savings when good growth and development is achieved in the autumn/winter period, along with alternative weed control options.
  • Health & Safety - The most dangerous month
    July is the month with the highest levels of farm workplace deaths based on past records. Let us change this trend in 2022. Children on the farm, long working hours, and managing tractors and machinery are particular safety concerns during July. It is important to be vigilant and carry out tasks with safety in mind.
  • Teagasc tillage podcast
    For all the latest tillage news, the Teagasc tillage podcast is available on the Teagasc website, Apple Podcast, Spotify and Google Play.