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Outlook 2024 - Economic Prospects for Agriculture

28 November 2023
Type Event Proceeding

The Teagasc Agricultural Economics and Farm Surveys Department review of 2023 and a look forward to the 2024 prospects for agriculture covering Dairy, Cattle, Sheep, Tillage, Pigs, Forestry and Sustainability

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Margins for 2023 - relative to 2022

Dairy - down substantially, due to lower milk prices
Beef - up on cattle rearing, stable on cattle finishing
Sheep - up, due to input cost savings
Tillage - down substantially, due to lower harvest prices and yields
Pigs - up substantially, due to higher output prices

Outlook for 2024 - relative to 2023

Dairy - improved margins, due to higher milk prices
Beef - up for cattle rearing and finishing, input cost savings
Sheep - up slightly, due to input cost savings
Tillage - up substantially, due to higher harvest prices and yields
Pigs - down appreciably, due to lower pig prices

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