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PastureBase Week

23 January 2023
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The ultimate PastureBase preparation for grazing ‘23!. PastureBase Week took place from Monday, 16th - Friday, 20th January. PastureBase Week consisted of a week of informative webinars, hosted by the Teagasc Grass10 team, where they gave an insight into using and getting the best use from PastureBase. 

Watch back the recordings from each day below. 

Monday, 16th January | 1pm

Registering, Setting up paddocks & farm mapping

Starting off the week, Monday’s session was aimed at people who are new to PastureBase Ireland. Joseph Dunphy and John Douglas, Teagasc Grass10 started by showing you how to get registered on PastureBase Ireland. The team then moved on to setting up the different paddocks on your grazing block and creating a farm map.

Watch back the recording below

Tuesday, 17th January | 1pm

Completing a grass walk & key terminology

On Tuesday, Joseph Dunphy and John Douglas, Teagasc Grass10 began by completing a grass walk both on the desktop version and also on the PastureBase app. Once this is completed they helped you to understand the key terminology that is on the weekly wedge.

Watch back the recording below

Wednesday, 18th January | 1pm

Projected Planner & making decisions off your grass wedge

Joseph Dunphy and John Douglas, Teagasc Grass10 start getting into more detail with your PastureBase grass wedge. Firstly they looked at the projected planner which helps you to run scenarios for your farm throughout the grazing season. They then looked at the other tools and targets for the different times of the year which will help to make better decisions when it comes to grazing management on your farm.

Watch back the recording below

Thursday, 19th January | 1pm

Rotation planners, grass budget & soil sampling

Joseph Dunphy and John Douglas, Teagasc Grass10 showed you how rotation planners help to plan certain areas to graze at different times of the year. The grass budget is also a very popular tool that aids in planning out grazing, particularly in the spring and autumn of the year. The team also introduced you to the soil sampling recording area on PastureBase which will lead us into the area of nutrient management in Friday’s session.

Watch back the recording below

Friday 20th January | 1pm

Fertiliser and slurry recording & clover management

Lastly on Friday, Joseph Dunphy and John Douglas, Teagasc Grass10 looked at nutrient management side of PastureBase Ireland which is becoming increasingly important as we move into an era of lower N use. The team started with showing you how to record slurry, chemical fertiliser, FYM and dairy washings on both the desktop and the app. They then showed you how to view the different reports to view total applications throughout a given year.

To finish they looked at the area of clover management where they showed you how to record different levels of clover in paddocks so as to leave it easier for N management throughout the year.

Watch webinar back below

Find information and advice from the Teagasc Grass10 team here | Find out more about PastureBase Ireland here