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Beef Newsletter - June 2024

06 June 2024
Type Newsletter

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In this month's edition:

  • Fertiliser for the second cut
    Every effort to secure adequate silage reserves is important given that the majority of fodder was used up over this previous winter. Strong growth rates have resulted in surplus paddocks available for harvest, which will help replenish fodder. Complete a fodder budget now to assess the fodder situation on farm. Second-cut silage ground needs to be well fertilised to secure good quality silage with sufficient yields for the coming winter.
  • It’s time for lime
    • Lime increases soil pH and increases the availability of N, P and K for grass growth;
    • grass requires a soil pH of 6.3 – spread lime at a rate of 2t/acre on mineral soils where the soil pH is <6.3;
    • where silage was cut recently presents a perfect opportunity to get lime spread; and,
    • lime increases the availability of applied fertilisers for grass growth and subsequently reduces your fertiliser bill.
  • Research Update - White clover increases liveweight gain
    Peter Doyle, Peter Bennett, Paul Crosson, Michael O’Donovan and Mark McGee report on clover research from the Derrypatrick herd. There is little information on the liveweight gain (LWG) response of beef cattle grazing grass-white clover swards compared to those grazing grass-only swards. In spring 2023, suckler-bred yearling steers and heifers in the Derrypatrick herd were assigned to either a grass-only or a grass-white clover sward for the ‘second’ grazing season. The experiment aimed to quantify carcass gain on grass-white clover compared to grass-only swards over a grazing season. At the end of the season, animals were slaughtered off grazed pasture.
  • BEEF2024
    The Teagasc BEEF2024 open day will take place on Wednesday, June 26 at the Teagasc Animal & Grassland Research and Innovation Centre, Grange, Co. Meath. This year’s open day will focus on the theme of “Securing your future”, highlighting the latest research and technologies available to farmers to build sustainable cattle businesses. Find out more here
  • Health and Safety - Keeping children safe on the farm
    During June and the busy summer months, the health and safety of children is of utmost importance on farms. Parents or guardians must instruct, encourage and guide children and young people to keep them safe on the farm. Key approaches include a secure play area for younger children and supervision of children and young people when present on the farm.