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National Farm Survey Small Farms Report 2022

21 May 2024
Type Report

Teagasc collects farm data through the National Farm Survey (NFS). This report focuses on the economic, social and environmental sustainability of the approx 48,000 farms in Ireland that are too small in economic terms for inclusion in the annual NFS survey.

Download Publication (PDF)

What's in the Report?

Farm Coverage

1. Cattle Rearing
2. Cattle Other
3. Sheep
4. Partially Leased

Farm Categorisation

Farms typically produce more than one type of agricultural output. In the National Farm Survey farms are categorised into farm types according to their principal output.

In this Small Farms Report for 2022, the sample is representative of a population of over 48,000 small farms in Ireland. A small farm is defined as a farm with a standard output of €8,000.

Key Performance Indicators

A range of indicators is provided, including information on farm output, production costs, farm supports, farm income, labour input, stocking rate and input usage.