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Adventure Tourism

Adventure tourism is an outdoor leisure activity that generally takes place in an unusual, exotic, remote or wilderness setting, sometimes involving some form of unconventional means of transportation and tending to be associated with low or high levels of physical activity. As the name suggests it entails an element of risk and can range from ‘getting wet’ to ‘getting high’ to ‘getting faster’.

01 March 2006
2 Pages
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World Agricultural Trade Reform and the WTO Doha Development Round: Analysis of the Impact on EU and Irish Agriculture

This study is presented as a contribution to the debate surrounding the ongoing World Trade Organisation (WTO) agriculture negotiations. The study presents a baseline (status quo) view of the agriculture sector over the next ten years and contrasts this with a number of hypothetical WTO reform scenarios. FAPRI-Ireland has no policy advocacy role and the format of these scenarios should not be inferred as an expectation, or recommendation, in relation to the eventual outcome of the WTO negotiations. The report is produced by staff at the Rural Economy Research Centre, Teagasc, in conjunction with our partners in the Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute (FAPRI) at the University of Missouri in the USA.

22 February 2006
95 Pages
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Wood Energy from Farm Forests

Wood energy is energy produced from wood and/or wood by-products. It is a home-grown, renewable, sustainable, carbon-neutral and secure source of heat, electricity and bio-fuel.

01 January 2006
44 Pages