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Today’s Farm – May / June 2011

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26 April 2011
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Guidelines for Organic Farming

Organic farming can be a profitable alternative to conventional farming. At EU and global level the industry is experiencing rapid growth. Currently more than 31 million hectares of farmland are under organic management worldwide. The EU land area under organic management stands at 4% or six million hectares of the total area farmed. In Ireland the sector is growing steadily, yet remains relatively underdeveloped with less than 1% of the total farming area now farmed organically. At the end of 2007 1,121 organic operators were registered with the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food and the area farmed organically was approximately 40,000 hectares.

24 February 2009
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Nutrient Management on Organic Farms

The management of nutrients in organic farming systems presents a formidable challenge, as the use of inorganic fertilisers is not permitted. Therefore organic farmers must optimise a range of soil, crop, rotation and manure managements to ensure a nutrient supply which will guarantee optimum crop yields and minimise losses to the environment. To achieve this objective, an appreciation of the nutrient cycles in farming systems is essential.

01 December 2008
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