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Mushroom Production

Mushroom production has expanded steadily over the past decade and there are approximately 580 growers throughout the country. Ireland is now exporting over 35,000 tones of fresh mushrooms, while consumption on the domestic market is approaching 10,000 tonnes. Total production is around 50,000 tonnes per annum with 70% exported. Mushrooms have been a major success story in diversification, providing income and employment on many small farms. It is an ideal complementary enterprise on farms where there is available labour.

01 January 2000
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Pig Conference 1999

1999 National Pig Farmers' Conference Proceedings

20 October 1999
Event Proceeding
110 Pages
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Irish Agriculture in Transition

This present atlas updates and extends the information provides by the earlier publications. Its central aim is to present a detailed visual representation, with appropriate commentary, of the geographical variations in Irish agriculture as of 1991, the date of the latest census of agriculture. Where data permit, changes over time are traced for the 1980s and 1990s.

01 October 1999
154 Pages