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Organic Potatoes

Consumer interest in organic food has expanded rapidly in recent years. While production of food to organic standards has also expanded, output is still not sufficient to meet demand. Consumers have to put up with intermittent supply and imported produce. Home grown organic fruit and vegetables are always in scarce supply. One of the basics of an Irish diet is potatoes and growing potatoes organically as part of a rotation on an organic unit would produce a very saleable commodity.

01 May 2006
2 Pages
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Assessment of Marketing Channels for Conversion Grade Products

The purpose of this report is to assess marketing channels for conversion grade products as outlined in WP3 of the technical annex. The evaluation from the organic farmer and retailer perspective supplements the previous work package (WP2) that examined factors affecting conventional farmers considering conversion to organic farming.

01 August 2003
70 Pages
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Conversion to Organic Farming: Case Study Report Ireland

In Ireland approximately 60% (29,999 ha total land under organic) or 17,985 ha are in conversion with 12,014 ha fully organic. Of the 1083 registered producers 65% are in meat production with 40% in beef and 25% in sheep meat production. Vegetable production accounts for a further 13%, with cereals, milk, poultry and fruit making up the remainder.

01 January 2003
Working Paper
34 Pages
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Principles of Successful Organic Farming

The number of people engaged in organic farming in the E.U. continues to grow, primarily in response to the growth in demand for organic produce. It is estimated that 17 million people in Europe now eat some organic food. In Austria and Denmark some 8% and 6% of the land, respectively is farmed organically. Some countries have targets of 10% of total agricultural produce being produced organically.

01 July 2002
160 Pages