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National Potato Conference and Trade Show 2007

The potato industry has gone through a number of difficult years but financial returns to growers have improved somewhat in recent times. Supply and demand is one of the key driving forces of financial returns to the grower. However, these returns are being eroded year on year due to the availability of suitable land to grow high quality potatoes. Access to land will continue to be a problem especially in light of the Nitrates Directive.

14 February 2007
Event Proceeding
44 Pages
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National Tillage Conference 2007

The recent rally in the price of grains was caused by factors which are now well understood e.g . economic growth especially in Asia and the Far East where expanding GDP means diet upgrade, higher per capita food consumption and more demand for protein. China remains the main engine with 7-10% GDP growth, changing their diet to oil/fat/meat instead of rice, and contracting forward for energy and minerals, as well as investing billions of dollars in African infrastructure to secure access to raw materials. Other factors such as population growth along with the global rundown of stocks have also played their part.

31 January 2007
Event Proceeding
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