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Today's Farm

Today’s Farm is Teagasc’s own magazine. The magazine is posted every two months exclusively to 44,000 Teagasc clients, customers, selected industry leaders and opinion formers. Launched in 1990, Today’s Farm includes advice and information on business, production, environment, and countryside issues. Produced in full-colour, the magazine addresses a wide range of topics of interest to farmers, people living in the countryside, and those with an interest in all aspects of agriculture and food production. If you wish to receive the magazine please contact your local Teagasc office. 


Today's Farm - November/December 2015

Succession done well in Waterford
Supporting Dairy Startups
Why ventilation is vital

Today's Farm - September / October 2015

Colleges: a great component in anyone’s career
Breakthrough in grass cover measurement
Our dairy expansion – a UK perspective

Today's Farm - July / August 2015

Mutual benefits: tillage farmers apply pig manure
Five tips for better milking
The Newford beef herd

Today's Farm - May / June 2015

Laois family managing a fragmented holding
Check that your cheque is secure
Fragmentation focus

Today's Farm - March / April 2015

Managing stress
Why the future for beef is written in the stars
Don’t buy any old bull
New thinking on sheep worms

Today's Farm - January / February 2015

HighTech Colostrum Check
Creating a cashflow
New Zealand dairy challenges
Managing early grass
Foundations of crop yield
Buying sheep concentrates
Organic beef
Beef group benefits
Health and Safety
Farming in Serbia
Botanic gardens


November/December 2014 

Calving sucklers at two years old
Minding your silage bales
Managing 30 dairy births/day
The potential impact of Greenhouse Gases
Options for finishing hill lambs
Why Greening can mean beans
Budget 2015
Counpown to tree planting
Distance learning at the Botanic Gardens

September/October 2014

Back to the future: after milk quotas.
Don’t let extra cows eat into profits.
Lithuanians learning from Ireland.
Costs key to profit in beef.
Free fluke test.
Succession planning.
Why the trend is your friend in soil fertility.
Innovations galore.
Boosting bio-diversity.

July/August 2014

Dairying in Croatia
Making money from the 'fifth quarter'
Social Media in action
Choosing a Ram
Green light for protein
Recording data, cutting costs

May/June 2014

Cereal protection strategies
Getting value for money from drainage
Focus on Grass
- Reseeding
- PastureBase Ireland
- Great nutrition from grass
- Silage as good as grass
Dealing with forest storm damage
The STAP faecal egg test
Prospects bright for young farm managers
The A, B, C’s of milk price

March / April 2014

Building a breed: The Mayo-Connemara Blackface
Good news on phosphorus
Tips to cut dairy labour costs
Sligo sucklers calving at 24 months
The basics on Basic Payments
A farmer who followed his dream
Trimming tillage costs
Marketing foals
Choosing roses

January / February 2014

Why the Future for Beef is Written in the Stars
Managing dairy quota
New findings on colostrum
Sheep rations
Why lime and P are linked
Why CGT change can help you consolidate
Greenhouse gases
Forestry – nipping problems in the bud
Considering a career in horticulture?


November / December 2013

How much does your machinery really cost?
The Nuts and Bolts of Dairy Expansion
Teagasc National Dairy Conferences
Dairying in Scotland
Teagasc Manual on Drainage and Soil Management
Farm Roadways
Special Offer on Disposing of Hazard Waste
Budget Update
Beef Conference
Group Benefits
Are you soil sampling enough?
Edible Weeds
Forestry Fundamentals

September / October 2013

Wildlife on Farms: How farmers see it
Profitable Dairying: The Ballyhaise Experience
Lifting Milk Protein
Milking Machine Test Reports
The SuperValu Sustainable Farm Programme
Making sure your RAM has his NCT
Reseeding Grassland
Ferraris of the Plant World
The Rise and Rise of Winter Barley
Sustainability Key for Brazil

July / August 2013

Secrets of success in farm tourism
New beef breeding indices
What's in your fodder cupboard
Sheep: avoiding worm resistance
Looking forward to Moorepark Open Day
Winter rape, why a good start is key
Botanic Gardens

May / June 2013

New Entrants Thriving on Dairy Challenges
Silage: planning for next winter
How to stick to your dietary goals
Managing cashflow in a crisis
Toning up your mental health muscles
Dairyman delivers
Sheep: more profit less hardship
Tips from a cattle trader
Tillage fungicides
The fruits of forestry
Botanic gardens

March / April 2013

From KwaZulu-Natal to Kildalton
Discussion groups
Dairy cross-breeding
Repairing sward damage
SPS – the latest
Giving maize another chance?
Bring spring indoors

January / February 2013

The perfect partnership
Dairying finance
Soils/fertilizer Focus
Budget Analysis
BETTER farm feed strategies
Léim an bradán in Galway


November / December 2012

Drainage:worth looking into?
Avoiding back pain
The Teagasc Beef Manual
Transferring the family farm
Donegal: a difficult year for tillage
Forestry: Planning to plant?
Botanic Gardens

September / October 2012

The last straw? Fifteen-page fodder focus
Cull cows: fatten or flog?
Trimming the winter at both ends
Paddocks pay off in Louth
Kilkenny flock flourishes
Limerick leaders
Ten ways to cut diesel costs
Poultry muck perfect for cereals
Seaweed instead of soya

July / August 2012

Goats Galore
Sucklers in Sligo
Resistance to wormers
Contract heifer rearing
Managing income volatility
Softening your carbon footprint
Oilseed options

May / June 2012

BTAP Begins
Silage: Are you ambitious enough?
Sexed Semen
Planning flagleaf fungicides
The battle with blight
Fabulous Food Works
A rose by any other name

March / April 2012

Fungi in the forest
College Open Days
ProSafeBeef good for producers
Once A Day milking
Synchronising milking cows
Lowland birds
Malting barley protein
Choosing grass varieties

January / February 2012

Fertilizer: planning, spreading, saving
Managing dairy quota
Group benefits from reducing SCC
Perform, Plan, Expand
Bull beef: preparing for turnout
Ensuring your spreader is spot on
Key targets for lambs
How Social Media can help sell horses
There’s a career in greenkeeping


November / December 2011

Opportunities in horticulture
The Teagasc Dairy Manual
Winter finishing lambs
Farming on soggy ground
Ten tips on cross compliance
Cropping and CAP reform
Mixed news on farm safety
Fire up your forest fuel

September / October 2011

Why cheese is sure to please
The many benefits of an eProfit Monitor
Superlevy: managing the risk
Managing autumn closingr> Don’t miss out on a college place
Beef Demo Farms
Keep an eye on your tree planting deadline
Thinking about winter barley?

July / August 2011

Equine Excellence
The Derrypatrick herd
Managing cashflow
What is meant by Social Media?
Avoiding the milk protein pothole
Ten things to consider before storing grain
A fresh look at oilseed rape
Cut your on-farm water losses
Forest fires

May / June 2011

Beware of the bull
Wexford sheep group focus on profit
Contractor happy with switch to organic beef
Rejuvenating swards in Kerry
Managing grass in the silly season
Strategies for quota management
Sweet rewards from nutrient management
How the clash of the ash yields cash

March / April 2011

Clover helps you cope with rising N price
A breeding plan for compact calving
New Teagasc suckler beef breeding groups
Sheep prospects bright in Donegal
The surprising value of soiled water
Champion trees

January / February 2011

Making money from dairy bull calves
Budget 2011 – implications for you
Cutting electricity bills
BETTER beef in Kerry
Heritage apples
Storing spuds
Forestry – find a group to share costs


November / December 2010

Turning Dairy Data Into Better Decisions
Profit and dairy stocking rate
Clare farmers monitor profit
Getting the most from expensive winter feed
Why hens are back in fashion
The ingredients for high sheep returns
Planning for optimum soil fertility
State of the art soil mapping
Planning farm transfers
Climate change considerations

September / October 2010

Planning: The Key to Business Expansion
Autumn Grazing Management
Robust Milk
Keep tabs on sheep tags
Sucklers – getting into the top 10%
Tax tips
Keeping on top of Compliance
Soil management after REPS

Today’s Farm – July / August 2010

Reseeding: High Returns
Zero grazing key for liquid milk producer
Dairyman – sharing ideas
Beef: the view from Scotland
Managing covers for sucklers
Sheep: don't stand for lameness
Winter wheat – a ten point guide
Why Irish forests are world beaters
Botanics: It's time to visit open gardens

Today’s Farm – May / June 2010

Prospects improving
BETTER farms
Kerry sheepproducer
Breeding to beat parasites
Selecting rams for resistance
New weapon against worms
Alternative forages
Lamb Direct
Angus the answer
Kildalton Dairy Group
Managing BVD
Using the grass wedge
Sheep and trees
Home grown vegetables are best - and cheapest!
The changing face of septoria
Retirement finances
Hen Harriers
Agricultural Catchment Programme
The art of watering

Today’s Farm – March / April 2010

A close-up look at the Greenfield Dairy Site
Managing against Mastitis
Heat detectives
Calved cows: how much to feed
Why fat is bad for your bottom line
Early grass for BETTER beef profits
Taking the fluke out of sheep production
The latest on area aid
Tillage: squeeze spring weeds
Harvest brings horses back to the forest
Plus Botanic gardens, farm safety and more...

Today’s Farm – January / February 2010

Equine Magic in West Mayo
Plan paddocks, pocket profit
The faces of future dairying
Kiwis get work/life balance right
Reasons to retire the stock bull
Milking Machine Maintenance
BETTER sheep research
Scottish beef production
Make the most from a cashflow
Botanic gardens, forestry and more…..


Today’s Farm – November / December 2009

Survey Shows the Charm of Farmers’Markets
Limerick Dairy Leaders
Mastitis Free in January
Managing Cashflow
Claim Low Income Supplements
Managing Winter Feed Costs
Ewe Replacements
Farm Education in Denmark
Development in Ethiopia
Combined Heat and Power
Plus Botanic Gardens, Forestry and more….