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Kylie Magner - Poultry Farmer

Kylie from Co Tipperary is a free range poultry farmer who has recently added beef and sheep enterprise on the farm. Having returned to the farm after a period working abroad Kylie was eager to make the farm a viable fulltime option for herself and her husband Billy. Kylie set about developing a free range poultry business converting existing buildings and selling eggs at local markets.

Main Motivations

  • Make the farm a viable full-time option
  • Have a quality work-life balance
  • Live in the countryside and work outdoors
  • Run a sustainable enterprise

Success factors

  • Maximising the return achieved from 20 acres through free range poultry
  • Product is in demand and sought after both locally and nationally
  • Egg packing licence allows for packing of Magners Farm eggs as well as packing for other producers
  • A chicken broth product has been developed which is made from the spent hens adding another product to the farms offering
  • A hen coup business has been developed where Kylie has designed and built a portable hen coup to facilitate rotational; grazing of the hens


  • Access to Markets; the markets were developed initially at local farmers markets. The Covid 19 pandemic necessitated a move to farm gate sales and developing an online presence
  • Access to land; the farm was purchased in 2004. Kylie and Billy worked abroad for seven years before returning to the farm
  • Access to finance; Finance was secured to purchase the land. Borrowings have been minimised through the conversion of existing facilities