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Farm Safety Week 2021

Ireland and the UK joined forces for Farm Safety Week 2021. It took place from July 19th to 23rd 

It's Time to Take Safety Seriously

2021 marked the ninth annual Farm Safety Week.  The collaborative campaign, initiated by the Farm Safety Foundation in the UK and led by the IFA within Ireland brings together farming organisations from Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Northern Ireland Britain on the topic of farm safety. United in the aim to reduce the number of accidents on farms and bring about a change in culture that makes unsafe practices socially unacceptable.

The message for the 2021 Farm Safety Campaign was RETHINK SAFETY. 

Accidents on farms are a continuing cause of concern. For the situation to improve the practical engagement of farmers’ is essential for progress. 

See below videos and articles pulished during the week

View the Farm Safety Hub on IFA website 


Farm Safety Week Introduction with Francis Bligh

One of the objectives of the week was to dispel the myths around risk assessment and encourage farmers to take measures to ensure the safety of all on the farm.


Work Organisation on the Farm

Organisation leads to better time efficiency which means farmers can reduce time taken to do a job. This can allow you to take a proper break during the day or finish up earlier. Penny Gavin, Teagasc gives some tips in what you can do to organise your work more efficiently on the farm

Staying safe around livestock on your farm

Safe Handling of Livestock