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Farming Safely with Machinery

Nearly half of farm accidents are caused by tractors, farm vehicles and machinery. Inexperienced operators, lack of concentration, human error, time pressure and unguarded parts like PTO shaft are the main causes of accidents. In this short clip, hear top tips from Teagasc Machinery Specialist, Fra

It is important that machinery used is suitable for the task, properly maintained with all dangerous parts covered. All machinery should be serviced and maintained on a regular basis. 

Tractor and ploughTractors and machinery should be stable and controls in good working order. It is important to remember that machinery cannot be operated safely if operators have not sufficient information and trained. 

Tractor Situation Awareness Checksheet (PDF)
Tractor Driver Situation Awareness Checksheet - User Guide(PDF)

Many serious farm accidents occur because guards which must be provided by law are damaged or taken off. 

PTO shafts are involved in many accidents often with machinery that is stationary e.g. slurry agitation and milling meal.Farm Safety PTO shaft

When buying machinery make sure you:

  • Deal with a reputable dealer. 
  • Tractors and self propelled machinery have a suitable cab. 
  • The tractor or machine should be easy to maintain long term. 
  • The operator’s manual should always be provided. It is as important for second hand machinery as new.

When you buy or hire machinery the law states the supplier must provide all necessary guards.

Machinery should be inspected regularly for defects which should be rectified immediately. Always prop machinery when working under hydraulics.

In the off season machinery should be propped or lowered to the ground when not in use. 

Wach this machinery safety video for more information: