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Dairy Business Farm Planning

Stage 2.4: When will you make these changes?

You have already identified where you want to go and what you have to do to get there. Another major decision is the timing of when these changes will take place.

An action plan will answer the “What / When” questions relating to your proposal. Completing this stage2_4 will allow you to set out a schedule or timeframe for the implementation of your plan.

This worksheet should

  • Outline the key actions required to implement the overall plan
  • Show a work schedule and timeframe (begin/ end) for each of these actions e.g. begin building a milking parlour in July 2015, finish building in December 2015
  • Indicate when borrowings need to be drawn down

Include all issues that you costed in the previous stage2_3 (61KB, PDF) and any other changes to your farm that are relevant to your plan.

Any change from your current farming system should be included, regardless of whether they are a cost or not. Some changes may be operational, but you need to write them down to get a full picture of how you will implement your plan. An example in this category would be the plan to reseed a proportion of the farm every year over the period of the plan or to spread P, K or lime on a proportion of the farm on an annual basis.

Note: For larger and more complex projects, it is advisable to complete a full project management plan.

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