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Get Farm Financially Fit Checklist

  • Are you availing of all the schemes that are available? (farm   assist/ Energy saving schemes/ BPS/ Carers allowance etc.)
  • Do you read your bank statement monthly?
  • How many days were you in your overdraft in 2014? & how are you going to reduce the number of days?
  • Do you have a home office?

  • Do you monitor your spend on household and farm utilities (ESB/ Phone/Gas etc.)
  • Do you clear the credit card bill monthly?
  • How much did you pay in interest last year? & how are you going to reduce this?
  • Did you spend any of your Basic Payment Scheme money supporting the farm?
  • Have you considered changing enterprise?
  • Have you considered leasing the farm to a neighbour to avail of the rental income tax free?
  • Are there skills in the household that can help you improve your financial situation