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Storm Advice for Farmers

Met Eireann have issued a Status Red, Orange and Yellow - Wind warning for Ireland

Storms are becoming a more frequent occurance in Ireland bringing a mixture of wind, rain and sometimes snow. It is important for the farming community to:

  • Be prepared - before the storm
  • Know what to do during the storm
  • Be organised if a 'clean up' is necessary

Be prepared - before the storm

  • Secure your home - check for loose slates and other items that might come loose during the storm. 
  • Secure your farm buildings
  • Ensure stock are in a sheltered, secure area away from trees or buildings
  • Store or tie down anything that might blow away
  • Park machinery well away from buildings and trees that may blow over

During the storm

  • The safety of you and your family is a priority. 
  • Listen to and follow the advice and warnings from the weather and emergency services
  • Do not take risks.

After the storm

  • Check your home for any damage that may need urgent attention
  • Check for any fallen electricity wires, inform ESB networks immediately if necessary
  • Check on stock and move them away from from danger (floods, fallen electricity wires etc)
  • Ensure stock have adequate feed and water
  • Assess any damage to farm buildings and deal with any urgent repairs as quickly as possible.
  • Contact your insurance company if necessary
  • Accept help when offered, and ask for it if you need it.

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