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On sheep farms consider weaning lambs early and prioritise the grass on the farm to them, some steps that could be taken include:

  • For lambs supplement with concentrates ad-lib where grass supply is below 7 days ahead, consider reducing for lighter lambs as covers exceed 10 days ahead
  • Draft lambs 38kg +
  • Consider establishing a finishing lamb group – most forward lambs (34kg+) separated and supplemented with 0.5kg meal at grass. This will maintain a steady drafting pattern and increase grass availability to the rest of the flock
  • If ewes need to be restricted in the longer term some forage supplementation will be required to prevent excess body condition loss, hold rotation length at 25 to 30 days. Supplement until covers have increased to provide 15+ days grazing ahead with favourable growing conditions
  • Sell off cull ewes