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Our factsheets below give outline information on a number of organic farming options. For more information contact one of our organic advisors.

Dairy Farming

Organic dairying offers an excellent opportunity as a profitable enterprise option.  Success is dependent on having a good interest in organic methods and a market price secured for the milk. Important issues include grassland management, winter feeding, housing and cow health. Read more about organic dairy production here

Cattle and Sheep

The organic drystock sector is the largest of the organic enterprises in Ireland. About 70% of all organic producers involved are in either cattle and/or sheep production. The transition at farm level from conventional methods is relatively straightforward compared to other enterprises like tillage, dairying or horticulture. Read more about organic cattle and sheep production here


Poultry production is broadly divided into two distinct production sectors – meat and eggs. Poultry production is carried out under varying intensities – intensive, free range, barn and organic. While organic may be the smaller of the poultry systems; it is growing year on year. Read more about organic poultry production here


Organic fruit and vegetable production is an ongoing profitable business sector, which for those with the required skills, offers a financially and professionally rewarding enterprise. Read more about organic horticulture here


The area devoted to organic cereal production in Ireland is relatively small. However, there is a strong demand from other organic farmers and cereal processors for home-produced grain. Organic cereals can be a profitable system of farming. Read more about organic cereal production here