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Teagasc are committed to:

Promoting the development and expansion of Irelands renewable fuel production from agricultural crops, bio-oils, forestry residues other cellulosic biomass consistent with Irelands low carbon standards, greenhouse gas and climate change policies.

Promoting the development and expansion of renewable power generation from agricultural, forestry biomass residues and purpose grown energy crops to produce renewable electricity to qualify Ireland to meet its RES – E targets as specified in the Renewable Energy Directive and Irelands National Renewable Energy Action Plan.

Educating the public about the environmental and economic benefits of biobased industries and pursue broad-based coalitions for the accomplishment of developing an Irish biobased industry. Promoting the development of a comprehensive, Irish bioenergy policy which prioritises, biobased industry growth, and furthers national biomass research and development policy objectives for energy security, greenhouse gas abatement, and stimulates rural economic development.

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