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Brexit represents a significant challenge which cannot be underestimated


At midnight on December 31st 2020 Britain left the EU. This ended the tripartite arrangement betweene Britain, France and Ireland facilitating ease of movement for high health status equines between the three countries. 

Britain is now regarded as a 'third country' by the EU changing the trading relationship with what has always been the largest trading partner for the Irish equine sector. 


Brexit Preparedness

Department of Business Enterprise and Innovation preparedness checklist 

  • For companies in any sector: Use Enterprise Ireland's Brexit Scorecard to get an overall sense of your preparedness

Importers and Exporters

For detailed practical advice for importers and exporters read more here and here

If you are the operator responsible for importing animals or animal products from the UK you are advised to register with DAFM and TRACES

DAFM Brexit Notice and Trader Notice for movement of equine animals

DAFM Webinar December 2020: How to move horses between Ireland and Great Britain after Brexit

Teagasc 'Let's Talk Equine' webinar February 2021 in discussion with DAFM and Revenue is available here  

DAFM Brexit Webinars and 'How To' Guides are available here with explanations on how to use Traces, the Imports Portal, the Export Certification System and more.

DAFM responses to FAQs re movement of equines (PDF)

Revenue Brexit seminars and informational videos are available here. Horses are deemed 'goods'. 

Revenue guide re temporary import / export of horses between IE and Non-EU Countries (PDF)

Further information:

  • Revenue information for customers, traders, and agents here 
  • Revenue information on goods and services to and from abroad read more
  • Revenue information on goods re-imported into the EU read more
  • Revenue VAT rates read more
  • If you move goods to, from or through Great Britain, you need to register for Customs. You can do this by getting an 'Economic Operators Registration and Identification' (EORI) number.  Read more
  • Getting an EORI number in the UK read more
  • Applying for ATA Carnet https://www.e-ata.ie/ for a temporary import/ export. Queries re ATA Carnets: richard@dublinchamber.ie  
  • UK Government information on moving equines from the UK to EU from January 2021 read more
  • For further information, please consult the UK Border Operating Model, and check for
    updated UK guidance available here
  • British Equestrian website here also provides very useful information and links 
  • Changes to EU Animal Health Law (April 21st 2021) read more

If you have a query in relation to a specific import consignment please contact the Border Control Post to which you are importing:

Additional Advice/Support

Gov.ie Brexit Readiness Action Plan