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Equine Health

In this section, you'll find topics of interest in relation to Equine Health

Failure of Passive Transfer or FPT

Foals are born without protective immunity against infectious disease organisms and require “passive transfer” of infection-fighting proteins called antibodies that are found in the mare’s first milk, or colostrum. If a foal does not obtain enough quality colostrum, they will not be protected from viruses and bacteria. This is referred to as failure of passive transfer (F.P.T.) of immunity and approximately 5-20% of newborn foals are diagnosed with F.P.T. and are at risk for developing serious medical conditions.

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Why vaccination remains an important part of herd health protection

Infectious diseases are a major cause of concern in both human and veterinary medicine. Both the Covid-19 pandemic in human populations worldwide and the recent EHV-1 (Equine Herpes Virus – 1) neurological outbreak which originated in Valencia, Spain February 2021 have dramatically demonstrated that the introduction of an infectious agent into a susceptible population can have devastating consequences.  A good immunisation program is essential to responsible equine ownership.

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