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What are you doing on your farm to protect the environment?

Sustainability has become a 'buzz word' and one way of explaining it is that sustainability focuses on meeting the needs of the present while also ensuring the ability of future generations to meet their needs. 

Sustainability as a concept encompasses three key elements; economy, environment and society. An example of a sustainable agricultural system would be a profitable system with little or no impact on the environment and one which has a social licence. This social licence refers to the publics’ perception and approval of practices in agriculture such as animal welfare, and environmental standards. 

'Sustainability' is here to stay and environmental sustainability at farm level is increasingly important. Every small practical action to improve the soil, air, water and biodiversity on your farm contributes to meeting the needs of future generations.

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Springtime Tips

Springtime is a good time to consider actions for the year ahead. There are a variety of options to consider including planting a new hedge or some trees, assessing soil fertility, and fertilising wisely while also protecting any watercourses on the farm. Targeting early turnout, weather and ground conditions depending is a good target to have.

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