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Biosecurity is a set of preventative measures put in place to reduce the risk of introducing harmful bacteria, viruses or pathogens (external biosecurity); and minimise the spread of already present disease causing agents throughout the farm (internal biosecurity).

One measure which is implemented on poultry unit is the control of staff and visitors to and between poultry farms; as it is widely understood that pathogens can be transferred via humans, i.e. humans can carry disease causing agents on their body (hair/skin/under fingernails), clothes and/or shoes. Therefore, it is crucial that the number of people interacting/entering the poultry unit is kept to a minimum.

  • Only essential visitors should be permitted access.
  • A visitor log must be maintained. This must include the following information:
  1. Date of Visit
  2. Name of Visitor
  3. Company
  4. The Purpose of The Visit
  5. The Last Poultry Site Visited
  6. Vehicle Registration Number
  • All visitors must follow the biosecurity plan on the farm
  • Visitors must wear the correct PPE – Boot Covers, Disposable Overalls, Gloves, Face Mask, and Hair Net. This PPE should be disposed of on site.
  • Foot dips must be used
  • Visitors should allow 72 hours between visits to poultry units. Where this is not possible, the youngest birds should be visited first.

Download visitor log templates to suit your poultry enterprise below