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How do we achieve a balance between Egg Size, Egg Shell Quality and Total Flock Profitability?

There has been an increasing trend over the past few months in feeding an Early Layers diet for a prolonged period, or even over the full length of the laying flock to stimulate the production of more, larger eggs. This course of action may yield higher returns in the short term, but is it the most profitable way to work long term? Read more about getting the balance right here


Nutrition Webinars

Time to Take Stock

Host Rebecca Tierney, Teagasc Poultry Advisor, is joined by Michelle Burke, Devenish Senior Poultry Nutritionist. Michelle spoke about poultry nutrition in general and the impact of time on the ability to get the optimum performance from poultry.


From Chicks to Eggs 

Webinar hosts, Rebecca Tierney, Teagasc Poultry Advisor, and Niall Brennan, Alltech Ireland Poultry Coordinator, facilitated this webinar with presentations from Martin Humphrey, Sales Director of Humphrey Feeds & Pullets, and Padraig McKenna, Flock Supervisor at Whitaker’s Hatcheries.