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RERC Publications - Thesis

2015 Gillespie, Patrick (2015) Dairy and grassland economics in an era of possible expansion - PhD NUIG 33610 A5
2014 Ryan, Christina (2014) Improving the innovation performance of Ireland’s Dairy Industry; An  Innovation systems approach   - PhD NUIM 32356 A5
  Kelly, Edel (2014) The Adoption of Management Technologies; The Irish Dairy Sector  - PhD, DCU, 32355, A5
  O’Neill, Stephen   (2014) Three Essays on the Impact of the Commonn Agricultural Policy on Irish Farms - PhD NUIG 32098 A5
  Grealis, Eoin (2014) A Dynamic Spatial Microsimulation model for Irish Agricultural Emissions  - PhD NUIM 32097 A5
2013 Lennon, John (2013) Using Microsimulation Methods to generate Spatially Disaggregated Population Projections - PhD University of Leeds 29741 A5
  Miller, Ana Corina (2013) Economy-Wide Modelling Focused on Agricultural and Food Sectors; An Irish Case 28759 A5
  Byrne, Andrew (2013) Studies relating to the population dynamics of the European badger (Meles meles) in Ireland – PhD UCC 28730 A5
2012 Feeney, Maria (2012) Pain and Distress in rural Ireland; The narratives of men who engaged in suicidal behaviour - PhD University College Dublin 30155 A5
  O’ Toole, Conor (2012) International Perspectives on Investment and Financing Constraints: Microeconometric Evidence – PhD Trinity College Dublin 29661 A5
  Aoife Osborne (2012) Musculoskeletal Disorders among Farmers in Ireland. 29344 A5
  Minihan, Erin (2012) The Economic and Environmental Impacts of Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Strategy. A regional general equilibrium approach for Northern Ireland
2011 Whelan, J (2011) The Incorporation of the Rural Environment Protection Scheme into a National Landscape Characterisation Programme with a view to produce a Strategic Environmental Assessment Method – Phd University College Dublin 25676 A5
  Joshi, Santos Ram (2011) Functional Forms and AGE models; Understanding the implications of Trade Liberalization for the Global Economy – PhD NUI Galway 28729 A5
  Kavanagh, Grainne (2011) A study of the factors that influence early stage technology investment by food enterprises. A thesis presented in fulfilment of the requirements of the award of Master of Philosophy, DIT
2010 Flannery, D (2010) Essays on the Economics of Tertiary Education in Ireland – Phd National University of Ireland, Galway 23490 A5
  Doherty, E (2010) Using Discrete Choice Experiments to elicit preferences for farmland walking trails in Ireland – Phd National University of Ireland, Galway 22529 A5
  Laepple, D (2010) The Adoption of Organic Farming; An Empirical Investigation of the Irish Drystock Sector – Phd National University of Ireland, Galway. 22434 A5
  Loughrey, J (2010) The Welfare Impact of Macro-Economic changes on Agriculture and other markets in Ireland 1995 – 2005. Ph.D National University of Ireland, Galway 21590 A5
2009 Farrell, M (2009) Embracing Multifunctional Agriculture in the Republic of Ireland;Towards a new extension ethic.  Ph.D National University of Ireland, Galway 21591 A5
  Buckley, C (2009) Improving the Public Access to the Irish countryside for Walking. Investigation of supply and demand factors. Ph.D National University of Ireland, Galway 21616  A5
  Heanue, K (2009) Aspects of the Furniture Industry in Ireland, PhD Dublin City University Business School 21707 A5
2008 Cullinan, J (2008) Modelling the Value of Forest Recreation using Spatial microsimulation and GIS techniques. Ph.D. National university of Ireland, Galway 21618 A5
  Morrissey, K (2008). Access to Health Care Services in Rural Ireland. Ph.D. University of Leeds, England 21617 A5
2006 Hynes, S.P. (2006). Recreational demand modelling for whitewater kayaking in Ireland. Ph.D University of Stirling, Scotland  13496  A5 
2005 Hennessy, T. (2005). Modelling the Effect of Policy Reform on Structural Change in Irish Farming. PhD The University of Reading  12111  A5 
2004 Phelan G (2004). The Dynamics of Farm Viability Adjustment and Pathways towards Viability. Ph.D National University of Ireland, Dublin  10153  A5 
2003 Lara A (2003). Effect of Environmental and Animal Welfare Regulations on the Competitiveness of the Irish Pig Industry. PhD University College Dublin  8695  A5 
  Thorne, F. (2003). Competitiveness of the Irish Hardy Nursery Stock Industry. PhD University College Dublin  8699  A5 
2001 Breen, J (2001). A new direction for the payment of milk: Technological and Seasonality considerations in Multiple Component Milk Pricing (liquid and manufacturing) for a diversifying dairy industry. M.AGR.Sc National University of Ireland Dublin  9232  A5 
2000 Hanrahan, K. (2000). Consumer and Import Demand Models for Meat in the UK and Ireland. PhD University of Missouri  14955  A5 
  Keeney M. (2000). The Economic Effects of Direct Payment Support of Irish Agriculture. PhD Dept. of Economics, Trinity College  4465  A5