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Teagasc Communications on Brexit

Building a long term vision for rural areas
Do you have connections in rural areas?

Rural communities are invited to contribute to developing an EU Long Term Vision for Rural Areas through a participatory workshop. We would really appreciate your help in promoting it!

Welcome to our rural!

What is it? An “off the shelf” participatory workshop package developed by DG AGRI to enable rural communities to contribute to the Commission’s initiative to develop a Long Term Vision for Rural Areas. The material is available in 21 languages and includes the design and script for a 2 hour on-line participatory workshop, together with the necessary support materials for the organiser and participants.

Why are we doing this? We are aiming to reach out to rural communities, especially those who would not normally have contact with “Brussels” or input to EU policy making, and to provide a channel for citizens to get their voices heard in Brussels. It’s an experiment with a different form of citizen engagement, more personal, more participatory and more collaborative than on-line questionnaires. A Long Term Vision for Rural Areas should be developed by and with rural communities, not for them. We are asking for feedback by 31st January 2021 – it is a tight time schedule but one that is imposed by the deadline for publishing the Commission Communication.

Who is it for?Any organisation or group of rural people (no need for any formal connection) interested in exploring the potential of their local area and contributing their ideas and experience to the EU’s Long Term Vision for Rural Areas. It is designed to be used by interested people without requiring great hosting experience or technical skill.

What does it look like?

The workshop materials, available in 21 languages can be found here:


 Could this be for you?Please do feel free to share this information amongst your friends, family, connections in rural areas, or even to consider organising a session yourself – as it is designed to be run in virtual format, you don’t need to be in the rural area to host it J

 Interested to know more? If you have questions or would like further details, feel free to contact  EC RURAL VISION WELCOME TO OUR RURAL EC-RURAL-VISION-WELCOME-TO-OUR-RURAL@ec.europa.eu

or the National Rural Network in your country: https://www.nationalruralnetwork.ie/ or email  info@nationalruralnetwork.ie


BREXIT Presentations from the Outlook 2020 Conference

26 November 2019

2019 Papers and Presentations

10 October 2019

Is your farm BREXIT ready?

Brexit will have a major negative impact on market conditions particularly in the case of a No Deal Brexit. This in turn could impact cash flow on your farm. There are a few simple steps that farmers can take to ensure they are Brexit ready read more here 

19 September 2019

Brexit discussion with Trevor Donnellan

Declan McArdle and Trevor Donnellan talk about BREXIT and getting BREXIT ready at The National Ploughing Championships 2019

TResearch Summer Edition 2019

Deal or no deal? (Brexit) (PDF) What would a no deal Brexit mean for UK import tariffs, and what would be the impact on Irish agriculture?

30 January 2019

Economics of the tillage sector: Possible Brexit Implications (PDF) - Fiona Thorne, Trevor Donnellan, and Kevin Hanrahan, National Tillage Conference, 

The Dairy Edge Podcast

Episode 56

The Brexit deadline is ticking and with so many questions still in the air for Irish agriculture, we spoke to Teagasc's Head of Rural Economy and Development, Kevin Hanrahan, to explain the potential outcomes.

A crash out scenario will have a significant impact on the Irish agricultural sector, Kevin explains, saying the magnitude is greatest for the beef sector with a 20% decline in carcass price compared with less than 10% to milk price.

The uncertainty surrounding Brexit makes it incredibly hard to predict the full effect on Irish farmers and Kevin advises farmers to hold off on any substantial investment to their farm business in a volatile production environment where there is a risk around repayment capacity.

04 December 2018

20 June 2018

28 May 2018

25 October 2017

17 October 2017

16 June 2017

  • Brace for Brexit - What is the potential impact of a ‘hard’ Brexit on Irish farm level income and economic viability? - Fiona Thorne, Emma Dillon, Trevor Donnellan and Kevin Hanrahan - TResearch: Summer 2017 

17 May 2017

Joint Presentations by Prof Gerry Boyle and Dr Kevin Hanrahan, Teagasc, to the Seanad select committee on Thursday, 17 May 2017

11 May 2017

28 April 2017

24 April 2017

04 April 2017

29 November 2016  

  • Outlook 2017 -  Economic Prospects for Agriculture 2017 - Conference Presentations and proceedings

14 April 2016

Speakers at the Teagasc/Agricultural Economics Society Conference ‘Brexit and Beyond’ on April 24th Phil Hogan, EU Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development; Mairead McGuinness, MEP and Vice President of the European Parliament; Professor Alan Matthews, Department of Economics, Trinity College, Dublin and Professor Alan Swinbank, University of Reading

Brexit update - Possible impacts on the Irish Beef Industry

Dr. Kevin Hanrahan speaking at the Teagasc National Beef Conference