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May 2023

Second Cut Silage - What Fertilizer Do I Need to Apply?  -  May 26th

Actions to Improve Milk Protein % in May/June - May 23rd

Multi-Species Sward Measure 2023  -  May 9th

April 2023

Selecting Beef Heifers for Breeding -  April 28th

Calling All Suckler Farmers - Don't be SCEPtical about SCEP - April 25th

Grass & Breeding on Dairy Farms after a Hard Spring - April 14th

Lime - April 6th

March 2023

Young Farm Top-Up Payments - What you need to know - March 29th

Breeding Considerations for 2024 Calf Crop in Dairy Herds - March 16th

Butchering a Heifer for the Freezer - March 14th

Gearing up for Calf Rearing this Spring  -  March 3rd

February 2023

Preparing for Lambing Season  -  February 17th

Why Use Protected Urea in 2023?  -  February 10th

Spring Grass - February 3rd


January 2023

Laying the Foundations for a Successful Calving Season - January 31st

Protecting our Water Habitats for Future Generations - January 24th

Low Emission Slurry-spreading - Delivering for Farmer and Environment - January 13th

Dairy Technical Notes Ahead of Spring 2023 - January 6th

December 2022

Considering Red Clover Silage - December 20th

Environmental Benefits of Key ACRES Measures - December 20th

Getting Ready for the 2023 Dairy Season - December 13th

November 2022

Farmyard Safety this Winter - November 28th

What is your next Project - November 28th

Selective Dry Cow Therapy; Dairy Farmers making Life-saving Changes - November 11th

Silage Analysis and Ration Composition - November 4th

Maximising Weanling Performance this Winter - November 1st

October 2022

Celebrating Ancient Traditions in the Burren - October 21st

September 2022

How Long Can You Go - with your fertilizer bill? - September 26th

Contract-Rearing Dairy Replacement Heifers - Is this an Option on My Farm - September 9th

August 2022

Beef Scheme Deadlines - August 30th

Water Quality - Phosphorus & ACRES - August 19th

Considering Organic Conversion on Drystock Farms - August 12th

Agricultural Emissions - 12 Steps for Beef Farmers to Reduce Emissions - August 11th

July 2022

Summer 2022 - July 22nd

 And Will it be a Green Moon? - July 19th

Is it necessary to complete the Green Cert? - July 12th

Labour Review Mid-Year on a Dairy Farm - July 1st

June 2022

Beef 2022 - Supporting Sustainable Beef Farming - June 28th

When Should Breeding Season End - June 21st

Establishing Multi-Species Swards on your Farm - June 14th

Liming in 2022; A Great Option - June 3rd

Taking Advantage of Growth Rates - June 1st 


May 2022

Nematodirosis Worms in Lambs - May 25th

Steps to Reduce Chemical Nitrogen Usage on Farms - May 18th

Fodder Budget - Planning for Winter 2022 - May 10th

Reducing the Environmental Impact of Land Drainage - May 5th

April 2022

Summer Cow Nutrition; a lot done, more to do - April 26th

Beef Sector Efficiency Programmes 2022 - April 19th

Clover - April 11th

Beef Strategies for 2022 - April 5th

March 2022

Tillage Incentive Scheme - New Drive for Native Grain - March 31st

March Grass - Opportunities and Challenges - March 16th

Hedging Your Bets! - March 8th

February 2022

Winning the war on Mastitis and high SCC in Dairy Herds - February 18th

Early Turnout and Silage Costs for 2022 - February 15th

Maximising the use of Slurry & a Plan for Fertilizer this Spring - February 4th

January 2022

Spring Application of Slurry in 2022; Get Value from it - January 28th

Future Beef Programme - January 25th

Benefits of Using Protected Urea - January 7th

December 2021

Strategies to Reduce Sheep Input Costs for 2022 - December 20th

Increasing Your Profits from Beef Farming - December 20th

Ewe Nutrition and Management Pre-lambing - December 20th

Reducing Phosphorus Loss to Water - December 10th

Organic Farming - An Option Now? - December 3rd

November 2021

BDGP (Beef Data Genomics Programme) Rollover - November 30th

Earlier Finishing in Practice - November 24th

Getting Ready for the 2022 Dairy Season - November 4th

October 2021

Getting Ready for Winter Housing - October 29th

GLAS Funding allow Restoration of Clare Farm Outbuildings - October 29th

Making the Most of What You Have - October 28th

Calculating the Carbon Footpring of Your Farm - October 19th

Delivering Sustainability in Dairying at Moorepark - October 8th

Soaring Fertilizer Costs proving Importance of Soil Fertility - October 1st

September 2021

Start Growing Your 2022 Spring Grass Now - September 28th

Breeding Ewe Lambs/Clean Livestock for Sheep - September 22nd

The Future of Farming Starts Now -Farmers can do their bit to slow Climate Change - September 10th

Gentle Reminders for the Diary - September 7th

August 2021

Fodder Budget - Planning for Winter 2021 - August 23rd

Liver Fluke on Farms - August 23rd

Endangered Corncrake making a Welcome Return - August 17th

July 2021

Focus Turns to Building Grass for the Autumn - July 30th

The Changing Model for Agricultural Schemes - July 23rd

Work Safely with Cattle - July 20th

Reviewing Dairy Calf Purchases - July 14th

Grassland & Cattle Management in July - July 6th

June 2021

Reseeding - June 29th

How is Your Health? - June 23rd

Irish Wool is at a Crossroads - June 17th

Risk Assessing Your Farm - June 8th

May 2021

Sustainable Grassland Management - May 28th

Could Your Farm Benefit from Alternative Fodder Crops - May 25th

Unlocking Silage Potential - May 18th

Lambing Review - May 11th

Suckler Farm Management - May 4th

April 2021

Greener Pastures - April 16th

The Benefits of Low Emissions Slurry Spreading on Drystock Farms this Summer - April 9th

BEEP S/Dairy-Beef Calf Programme (Beef Environmental Efficiency Programme - Suckler) 

Protecting the Connemara/Mayo Blackface Breed for Future Generations - April 6th

March 2021

Thoughts Turn to Breeding - 23rd March

Breaking the Pathway of Phosphorus and Sediment entering Water - 15th March

Agriculture and Water - 15th March

Common Diseases of Ewes & Lambs at Lambing Time - 9th March

February 2021

Replacement Management - 26th February

Spring Crop Management & Sowing - 22nd February

February Grass; Opportunities & Challenges - February 16th 


July 2020

Farmers Help to Improve Water Quality - 10th July

Closing out the Suckler Breeding Season - 3rd July

June 2020

Cattle Farm Management Tips - 30th June

Mid-Season Grassland Management - 19th June

Grassland Management - Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance - 16th June

Renewal of our Country Life - 9th June

May 2020

Rising to the Zoom Challenge on Farms - 26th May

Control of External Parasites in Sheep - 19th May

Silage - When to Cut and Neet to Budget - 12th May

Controlling Docks - 9th May

April 2020

Farming Life Continues in these Uncertain Times for Sheep & Suckler farmer Tomás O'Toole - 14th April

Health & Safety (Teagasc Daily) - 8th April

Beef Environmental Efficiency Programme - 6th April

A Slow Start to Spring for Sheep Farmers - 1st April

March 2020

Managing Challenging Times (Coronavirus Advice) - 20th March

Finally Getting to Grrass - 20th March

Passing the Baton - 16th March

Making Part-time Suckler Farming Work - 9th March

Severe Weather Advice to Farmers - 3rd March

February 2020

Planning for Your Future - 25th February

Grass Tetany - 25th February

Start of the Grazing Year - 14th February

Safety on Farms is Key - 11th February

January 2020

Choosing the Right Course for You - 28th January

Dairy Farming - Business or Pastime - 21st January

Farm Management Tips - 7th January

December 2019

Mineral Supplementation for Ewes and Lambs - December 20th

Climate Change and Irish Agriculture - December 20th

Getting Value from Winter Feeding - December 10th

Teagasc National Beef Conference - Irish Beef: A Changing Landscape - Dec. 3rd

November 2019

Farming and Water Quality - November 26th

Value for Money in Challenging Times - November 18th

Silage, both a Cost and an Asset, so why should Farmers know it's True Value - November 8th

Getting Ready for 2020 Dairy Season  -  November 5th

October 2019

The Times they Are A Changing! - October 18th

Agricultural Courses - October 14th

October Farm Management Tips - October 4th

Assessing the Liver Fluke risk on your farm - October 1st

September 2019

Preparing for the Breeding Season - September 20th

Planning Your Succession - September 13th

Autumn Weanling Management - September 6th

August 2019

Building Grass for the Autumn - August 13th

Making the Most of Autumn Growth - August 6th

July 2019

Linking the Plough to the Stars in the 21st Century - July 26th

Parasitic Worm Control in Cattle - July 12th

National Winning Suckler Farmer Event - July 4th 

June 2019

Re-seeding - June 28th

Planning for Second Cut Silage - June 25th

New Sheep EID Tagging Rules - June 14th

Take Time to look after your Health - June 7th

May 2019

Product Choice and Timing are Key when Controlling Docks - 31st May

Alternative Forages - something to consider for Sheep Farms -  28th May

Synchronising your Breeding Season - 17th May

Profitable Dairying kept Simple, Safe & Enjoyable - 14th May

Making Good Quality Silage -  7th May

April 2019

Getting Ready for the Breeding Season - 26th April

Time Running Out to get Spring Barley Crops Sown - 18th April

BEEP Scheme - Health & Safety - 12th April

WIN - What's Important Now: Preparing for Breeding 2019 -  9th April

March 2019

Dealing with Heavy Grass Covers - 29th March

The Meitheal Effect - 26th March

March Grass Management - 12th March

Prevention rather than Cure is Key to minimise Disease Outbreak in your Herd - 1st March

February 2019

February Grass - Opportunities and Challenges - 22nd February

Soil Fertility is Key for Increased Profits - 19th February

Cross Compliance - 8th February

Green Cert Options - 5th February

January 2019

Preparing for the Calving Season - January 28th

Planning for Successful Lambing - January 21st

New Year, New Me - January 14th

November 2018

Weanling Diets at Housing - November 14th

October 2018

Guide to setting-up your Dairy Farm for a successful Spring - October 24th

Farming and the Environment - October 24th

Winter Housing Looming! - October 3rd

Maintaining Grassland Productivity in the Autumn - October 3rd

September 2018

Teagasc Farm Management Tips for September - August 28th

July 2018

Re-seeding - July 13th

Feeding in Summer Drought Conditions - June 27th

Fodder Plan Winter Requirement

June 2018

Global Conference in the West - 22nd June 2018

Future-Proofing Your Forest's Potential - 19th June 2018

Replenishing Silage Supplies - 19th June 2018

"The Man on the Ground is the Thatcher" - 1st June 2018

May 2018

TAMS II Farm Development Programme - 29th May 2018

Should We be Budgeting for a Six-Month Winter? - 22nd May 2018

Use Fertilizer to increase May Grass Growth to maximise Silage Stocks - 14th May 2018

Weed Control in Grassland - 1st May 2018

April 2018

Breeding Season fast approaching on many Farms - 23rd April 2018

Optimising N, P & K for Grass Silage - 20th April 2018

Wet and Cold put the Brakes on Sowing Spring Barley - 12th April 2018

Time to Return your 2018 BPS form Online - 12th April 2018

Getting the Basics Right this Grazing Season - 12th April 2018

Getting Out to Grass - 12th April 2018

Calf Rearing - The First Three Months - 12th April 2018

March 2018

Coping with a Slow Spring - 27th March 2018

Managing Grass Covers and Herd Nutrition in Current Weather Conditions - 23rd March 2018

February 2018

Discussion Groups - Labour Efficiency and Practices - 1st February 2018

February Management Tips as Calving Commences on Suckler Farms

January 2018

Use Scan Results to plan Ewe Feeding Regime - 8th January 2018

December 2017

Take Care with Ad Lib Feeding - 21st December 2017

Set Yourself a Farming Resolution for the New Year - 21st December 2017

Teagasc Advisory Tips for Feeding & Wintering Cattle - 15th December 2017

Late Pregnancy Management of Sucklers is Critical - 8th December 2017

Silage - Waste Not Want Not - 4th December 2017

November 2017

Lime - A Worthwhile Farm Investment - 5th November 2017

November Farm Management Tips - 31st October 2017

October 2017

Common Causes of Lameness in Sheep - 23rd October 2017

Liver Fluke - The Big Questions Answered - 17th October 2017

Carbon Navigator Requirements for BDGP - 9th October 2017

September 2017

Pregnancy Scanning Answers the Big Questions about Calving Time - 8th September 2017

Outs and Ins of Weanling Sales/Purchases - 1st September 2017

Farm Management Tips for September - 25th August 2017

August 2017

Aim To Build Up Grass Reserve in August - 31st July 2017

July 2017

Herd Health - Late Summer Snippets - 12th July 2017

Control of Internal Parasites in Calves - 30th June 2017

July Sets the Scene for the Backend - 23rd June 2017

June 2017

Farm Safety Shorts - 12th June 2017

Don't Let Docks Limit Grassland Output - 6th June 2017

April 2017

Herd Health and Vitality is Essential at Breeding Time - 24th April 2017

Tight Grazing of Swards will Influence Pasture Quality Later - 13th April 2017

Feb 2017

March Farm Safety Shorts - 27th February 2017

Feed Requirements of the Lactating Suckler Cow - 21st February 2017

Colostrum is Crucial for New Born Calf Survival - 8th February 2017