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Health at Calving

Health at Calving

Calving is high risk event for both the cow and the calf. Common problems encountered include difficult, abnormal or slow calving's. The new-born calf is challenged by numerous infections which can result in navel ill, scour and pneumonia.

Chapter 43 of the Teagasc Beef Manual Calving-and-young-calve (PDF) gives details on how to minimise the likelihood of calving problems and how best to care for the new-born calf.

Chapter 44 Managing-Colostrum (PDF) explains in detail the importance of colostrum to the health of the new-born calf and gives clear guidelines on the amount to feed, when to feed it and the main factors affecting colostrum yield and quality.

Chapter 45 Dehorning (PDF) gives information on the main methods of disbudding calves and castrating older stock.