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Beef Technical Notes

Silage Quality 2022
Why do you need better quality silage? High DMD silage (75% DMD), that is a leafy silage sward prior to mowing, can add value to your
stock on a lower feed cost. Delaying your cutting date can cost up to €500/day due to higher feed costs and reduced performance!
Find out more here: Silage Quality 2022

The Spring Rotation Planner
A Spring Rotation Planner is a tool used by farmers to plan out their first grazing rotation. A plan will ensure that grass is grazed early enough to allow time for re-growth for the second rotation and to ensure grass does not run out before we start the second rotation.
Find out more here: The Spring Rotation Planner

BDGP Female Replacement Strategy Factsheet
Find out all you need to know about the BDGP Female Replacement strategy in this short two page document.
Find out more here: BDGP Female Replacement Strategy Factsheet

Faecal Sampling for BEEP-S
Faecal Egg Testing is one of the optional measures under BEEP-S. The aim of the measure is to achieve targeted control of liver fluke in adult suckler cows. Samples have to be submitted to an approved Lab before the 1st of November.
Find out more here: Faecal Sampling for BEEP-S

Tagging, Castrating and Disbudding Calves
Tagging calves is carried out as part of the Bovine Animal Identification System. The aim is to guarantee the safety of beef and beef products by the operation of an effective animal identification and tracing system. Cattle are castrated in order to prevent sexual behaviour, reduce aggression, and increase handling safety. Disbudding of young calves is performed to prevent bullying and injury to other animals and to promote human safety during handling.
Find out more here 

Making Quality Silage
When cattle are housed it is the most expensive period in cattle rearing. The silage quality can determine the weight gain that can be expected from animals over the winter period, in some regions this can be 50% of your year.
Find out more here: Making Quality Silage

White Clover
This tech note outlines why you should sow white clover, where and how to sow white clover. It always gives an overview as to how you can manage white clover.
Find out more here: White Clover Tech Note

Oestrous Synchronisation or Timed Insemination
In Ireland, less than 20% of calves in beef herds are bred from AI. Such low usage of this effective technology most likely reflects the difficulty and labour requirements for heat detection, assembly of cow(s) for insemination as well as land fragmentation in beef herds.Synchronisation is a process that aims to reduce the labour requirement and make AI more accessible to beef farms.
Find out more here: Oestrous Synchronisation or Timed Insemination

A guide to charges for Wintering Arrangements 2020
Every winter a significant number of cattle are housed and fed in rented sheds. Fodder, labour and machinery running costs are often included in the agreements that are made. The payment rate per head is usually determined by local supply and demand, with arrangements in many cases going back over a number of years.
Find out more here: A guide to charges for Wintering Arrangements 2020

Beef Environment Efficiency Programme - Sucklers (BEEP-S)
Beef Environment Efficiency Programme - Sucklers (BEEP-S) is a hugely important scheme for Suckler Farmers. Closing date for applications is Friday, 15 May. Applications for the scheme can be made online on Agfood.ie or through your Teagasc Advisor. 
Find out more here: Beef Environment Efficiency Programme - Sucklers

Update your spring rotation planner and GET FERTILISER OUT - March 2020
The wet weather of early spring 2020 has disrupted the spring rotation planner. It now needs to be adusted to reflect the circumstances. The application of fertiliser will be critical.
Find out more here: Grass Note - March 2020

Beef Finisher Payment Scheme (BFP)
The Beef Finishers Payment scheme (BFP) is an Exchequer-funded scheme of €50 million to provide income support for farmers with beef finishing enterprises, who have been impacted by the economic effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. The Beef Finishers Payment scheme is open for applications from August 19th and closing date for applications is 9th September.
Find out more here: BFP Summary of Terms and Conditions

Applying fertiliser in spring factsheet (PDF)