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Let's Talk Cattle Webinars

A series of webinars for Irish beef farmers will be hosted monthly by Teagasc. 

Make sure to join once a month on a Thursday evening at 8pm for timely, relevant and practical advice to allow you make better management decisions on your beef farm. 

And be prepared to get involved in the discussion – there will be an opportunity for you to pose your questions to each week’s presenters. 

Upcoming Webinars

Previous Webinars

Thursday, 14 January | 8pm

Care of the Purchased Dairy Beef Calf 

This webinar focused on care of the purchased dairy beef calf. As the main 2021 calving season was approaching and with dairy cow numbers increasing year on year there will be a large supply of calves available to purchase during the February to April period. Beef Specialist Alan Dillon was joined by Suzanne Naughton, a vet with MSD, who discussed best practice for managing the health of these calves from purchase to weaning. Suzanne highlighted the main areas where management can be improved in calves to avoid serious setbacks and high levels of mortality. A questions and answers session took place at the end of the webinar.

Thursday, 11 February  |  8pm

Early Spring Grassland Management  

With longer spring days edging closer farmers will now need to start thinking about turning stock out to grass to make use of cheap weight gain. John Douglas from the Teagasc Grass10 team spoke with Alan Dillon about what practices farmers need to adopt to ensure earlier turnout is achieved and maximum use is made of what grass is available on the farm prior to closing up for silage. Fertilization rates and closing up for silage was also discussed on the night. 

Thursday, 18 March |  8pm

Current Beef Research for Future Challenges 

Dr Paul Crosson, Beef Enterprise Leader at Teagasc Grange discussed the research areas Teagasc is currently involved in to meet the challenges facing the beef industry in the future. With new environmental regulations on the horizon and an on-going profitability challenge in the beef industry, Alan Dillon, Teagasc Beef Specialist outlined what are the main areas of research Teagasc are focusing on to assist farmers in developing profitable and sustainable businesses in the years ahead.

Thursday, 22 April | 8pm

Breeding Efficiency into the Irish Suckler Herd

Alan Dillon, Teagasc Cattle Specialist was joined by Andrew Cromie from ICBF who outlined the major conclusions that have been gathered from the BDGP scheme. Andrew showed how the Eurostar index influences the maternal performance and slaughter performance of the suckler herds nationally.

Andrew also outlined some of the results from data generated through the BEEP-S scheme in terms of weanling performance and discussed how carbon efficient our suckler herd is and how schemes such as BDGP can help improve our carbon efficiency in the future.