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Breeding Management

Excellence in breeding management underpins profitability on Irish dairy farms.

Nationally only 58% of the dairy herd calves in the first six weeks of the calving season in a calving interval of 394 days: the Teagasc targets are 80% calved in the first six weeks and a calving interval of 365 days.


Fundamental to achieving the targets are excellence in the following areas:


Dairy Cow Reproduction (PDF)

Key Stages and Goals successful breeding season - Visual demonstration (PDF) 

Heat Detection - Helpful visual demonstration (PDF, 1MB)

Guidelines on the use of sexed semen during breeding season (PDF)


Dairy Cow Breeding (PDF)

Understanding the Economic Breeding Index (EBI) (PDF)

How to calculate genetic merit of bull team - Worksheet (Word Doc)


The Teagasc Dairy Manual, Chapter 43 have more data about: "How to achieve successful calving at 24 months of age" -  Replacement heifer Management (PDF) also More guidelines on  Calving and Calf Health (PDF), Chapter 49.

Further material: Target Heifers weight calculator (Excel Doc).

NUTRITION - Supplementation in diet

DISEASE - Types of most common disease affecting calf and cow