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Teagasc/Dairygold Joint Programme

Teagasc/Dairygold Joint Programme 2018 - 2021 - Together Towards 2021




Vision and Objectives

The vision for the Teagasc Dairygold Joint Programme is for it to be the vehicle through which Teagasc and Dairygold work together to ensure a consistent delivery of relevant messages to all Dairygold suppliers, leading to necessary change and ultimately, an efficient and sustainable supplier base for Dairygold.

The 2018 – 2021 Joint Programme follows on from a series of Joint Programmes between Teagasc and Dairygold stretching back to 1993.  The specific objectives for this programme are as follows:

  • To ensure the long-term sustainability of Dairygold Co-op and its milk suppliers by advocating the adoption of resilient systems of milk production
  • To increase the efficiency of milk production by all Dairygold suppliers
  • To ensure all milk suppliers have access to Teagasc research and technologies and are adequately supported in their efforts to adopt best practices
  • To deliver an industry good initiative focussed on the education of Dairygold milk suppliers

This programme will continue to have sustainable milk production at its core, and will promote the adoption of sustainable and resilient dairy systems by Dairygold suppliers.  The joint programme will enhance the sustainable credentials of the Dairygold milk pool through focus on:

  1. Soil fertility, biodiversity, water quality, carbon efficiency and herd health. Previous joint programmes have always addressed soil fertility issues, however, this will be the first Joint Programme between Teagasc and Dairygold to specifically focus on biodiversity, water quality and carbon efficiency.  In addition, the herd health focus for the new programme will be in the area of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and selective dry cow therapy (DCT).
  2. Meeting the labour challenge facing Dairygold milk suppliers through promoting labour efficient practices, highlighting best practice in labour management and exploring the options for streamlining the peak spring workload through the adoption of technology.
  3. The adoption of lean milk production practices – specifically those practices that reduce costs, increase revenue or minimise effort ultimately providing the opportunity for a better work life balance for Dairygold suppliers.
Teagasc - Dairygold Joint Programme 2018 - 2021 Introductory video

The joint programme between Teagasc & Dairygold Co-op will focus specifically on labour efficiency, Leanfarm practices, biodiversity, water quality and herd health. The farmers involved give a brief description of their farms and what they hope to achieve from the programme.