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Development of an economic model for the Irish pig industry

Project Summary

There is an urgent requirement to develop a pig systems model for the Irish pig industry similar to models previously developed for the Irish dairy and beef industries. These models are used in all aspects of production such as investment decisions, nutritional changes, health and genetics. The main idea is to put data to work for farmers. THe objective of this project is to develop a budgetary model to quantify the expected benefits of new strategies to improve profitability of Irish pig farms.

Expected Benefits

  • Provide farmers with a useful easy to use decision making tool
  • Provide economic value to different scenarios found in Irish farms and allow prioritization of actions
  • Add value to the data already available in Pigsys - eProfit Monitor
  • To model and quantify the benefits of using alternative ingredients and the NE system in pig diets
  • To model and quantify the cost of respiratory infections and the removal of antibiotics in Irish farms

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