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Cristina Botinestean

Research Officer

Research Interests

Meat products for the elderly should be designed taking into consideration age related health issues that may influence their eating behaviour. Cristina is working on enhancing texture attributes in meat products to increase appeal for older consumers.
Cristina’s research interests include:

  • developing healthier meat products
  • meat eating quality
  • sensory evaluation.

As a PhD fellow, Cristina was a member of the European Union funded project: Doctoral Studies for Training in Research (FOR-CE), POSDRU/CPP107/DMI1.5/S/80127, achieving expertise on: analytical chemistry and chemical engineering, chromatographic techniques (GC-MS, HPLC, TLC), food ingredients (structure and functionality).
Cristina has a background in teaching, mentoring and she worked as a food engineer in meat industry.

Current Projects

Meat4Vitality: Enhancement of texture, flavour and nutritional value of meat products for older adults, project funded by the FIRM programme (11/F/045), administered by DAFM.


PhD in Food Engineering, BUASVMT, Timisoara, Romania (2010-2013)
MSc in Integrated Systems of Processing and Food Additives, BUASVMT, Timisoara, Romania (2008-2010) 
BSc Eng in Food Processing Technologies, BUASVMT, Timisoara, Romania (2003-2008)

Botinestean C., Keenan D.F., Kerry J.P., Hamill R.M. The effect of thermal treatments including sous-vide, blast freezing and their combinations on beef tenderness of M. semitendinosus steaks targeted at elderly consumers, LWT Food Science and Technology, 2016.

Baugreet S., Botinestean C., Kerry J., Allen P., Hamill R.M. Development of novel fortified beef patties with added functional protein ingredients for the elderly, Meat Science, 2016.

Hamill R. and Botinestean C. Meat: Structure and Composition, In: B. Caballero, P. Finglas and F. Toldrá. Encyclopedia of Food and Health, vol.3: 701-710. Oxford: Academic Press, 2016.

Keenan D.F., Resconi V.C., Smyth T.J., Botinestean C., Lefranc C., Kerry J.P., Hamill R.M. The effect of partial-fat substitutions with encapsulated and un-encapsulated fish oils on the technological and eating quality of beef burgers over storage. Meat Science, 107:75-85, 2015.

Botinestean C., Gruia A., I. Jianu. Utilization of seeds from tomato processing wastes as raw material for oil production. Journal of Material